Talent mappings

  • Talent segmentation
Managing & Segmenting Talent


The purpose is to detect employees plotential and how this potential could achieve the overall strategy of an organization.


Possible integrations

Any method of performance evaluation and potential evaluation can be integrated with our NineBox platform.

Performance - measurement of the past

360 ° Assessment methodology.
Compliance with indicators.
Graphic scaling method.

Potential - measuring the future

Competences through Psychometry.
Assessment Center.
Competency-based interviews.

ongoing development

of the tool

Organizational planning

It allows planning organizational development and detecting the actions to be taken to anticipate future requirements.

Custom development

Structured development of succession plans, development plans, career plans and compensation plans.

Detailed results

Dynamic reporting system. Availability of both individual and group reports, as well as reports by company, by team leaders and by areas.

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