We work to promote and strengthen self-directed learning processes in organizations

We promote the culture of self-directed learning

Our corporate solutions help organizations to promote a culture of self-directed learning through tools that make it easy for people to learn while they work.

Improve your skills
Update your knowledge
Always stay up to date
Digital library

Give your employees the resources to improve their skills, knowledge and performance.

Corporate Learning Library

The # 1 source for book summaries on personal and professional development for taking better decisions.

Speakers & Trips

Participate in our business missions to learn about the best practices in human talent on a global level.

English for companies

The leading provider of Business English learning solutions for global organizations.

Key benefits

Unleash the potential
of your company

Today, companies are faced with a changing business environment, which requires a workforce that remains educated, agile and ready to react to new circumstances. We offer long-term solutions that will keep your team up-to-date with changing business.

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