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The library is an often overlooked public resource (and some are rapidly being modernized), but OverDrive brings it back to where it belongs with the newly redesigned Libby.

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Put your local library in your pocket with Libby, an e-book and audiobook borrowing app with a host of literary offerings available upon request.


Explore the world's largest digital library in Spanish. Enjoy thousands of ebooks, audiobooks and videos, all from a single application.

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Millions of ebooks, audiobooks, and publishers for your students. Loaded with hundreds of premium titles at no cost. Endless reading possibilities from any device. An amazing reading experience.

OverDrive is the leading digital reading platform for libraries and educational institutions around the world.

We are dedicated to creating “a world enlightened by reading” by delivering the largest catalog of ebooks, audiobooks, among other digital formats in the industry.

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