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the union of talent and technology as a transforming force

Human Talent management evolves

World-class solutions to take human resource management to another level

We work to offer our clients services and solutions that allow them to attract, evaluate and retain
Qualified human talent that contributes to the achievement of differentiating results within the company.

Attraction and employer brand

Attract the best talent by digitizing your employer branding and talent attraction process in one place

Assessment and talent analitycs

Impact organizational performance by implementing best practices in assessment, talent mappings and analytics


Prepare your company for accelerated changes, strengthen the culture with a continuous learning mentality, accessing the best content in business

Executive Headhunter

Access the most valuable talents in the market, ensuring the potential and the people your culture needs in strategic positions

About us

We believe that organizations focused on human talent
will sustain a competitive advantage over time.

At Talenta we specialize in supporting the acceleration of the growth and success of companies with innovation, technology and knowledge in human management processes.

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Ours clients

Join the companies that are innovating the attraction,
assessment and training of their human talent.

Large, medium and small companies of all sectors, digitize and automate
your processes in a more efficient way with our solutions.

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Customer Support

98/100 rating to our support team for satisfaction in quality and response time.

User experience

Your work teams will enjoy using agile and modern tools, which will facilitate the management of their work while having visibility of their strengths, competencies and development plans.

Constant transformation

We have a technology team working continuously to deliver new features to you. We listen to our clients to give them the best tools in RRHH.

Good practices in RRHH

Constant support by our consultants and their expertise, so that you get the most out of our solutions and implement the best practices in human resource management in your company.

We are your best strategic partner

Why choose us?

We understand that human talent is one of the main growth vectors of companies and a differentiating factor of success

Insights Talenta

News, tools and technology
to optimize the development of human talent

Let's explore talent and technology solutions
that will boost your organization