English for companies

New Times. New Challenges. New Learnship.

We help global companies unleash the disruptive power of diversity by attacking the language and cultural obstacles that stop their teams succeeding.

We have self-blended and trainer-led language trainings. All of which are aligned to CEFR progress levels. A combination of services for every budget.

Careers improved
Corporate customers
Learners per year

Specific solutions to business challenges

Connect Global Teams

Empower everyone in your global teams to share ideas and collaborate.

Replace Classroom Training

Swap outdated classroom sessions for all the benefits of face-to-face learning with engaging digital content & training tools.

Learning at Scale

Bring whole departments up to speed with scalable learning solutions.

Instant Impact Learning

See results in just five weeks with our next-generation blended learning solution.

Relocating Key Talent

Help your expat staff feel at home with specialist relocation training covering both language and cultural intelligence.

Mastering Industry Dialects

Industry-specific business language solutions train your people in the niche vocabulary they need to conduct global business.

Beyond language learning

Business Language Skills

Cultural Intelligence

Business Power Skills

Time | What’s your goal?

Premium, trainer-led, remote language learning and cultural training at a fraction the cost of on-site programs

5 week courses to develop specific business skills. Available for all levels.

Trainer-led program with e-learning preparation to accelerate Common European Framework (CEF) progress. Half-level improvement attainable with just 22 sessions.

Premium training with flexibility of any place, any time learning. Reschedule up to 6 hours in advance.

24/7 access to our self-paced platform for the ultimate flexibility

We help you to develop your business and language skills to succeed in global and multicultural teams.

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