Change the way you attract and assess talent

A solution of

21 possibilities

for automated talent attraction

1. Digital talent assessment

Identify the level of adjustment that applicants have to vacancies, through a comprehensive assessment composed of a video presentation, video interview, values assessment and knowledge test.

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To start, enter the number of the option you want to choose:

1. I am a candidate, I want to find a job
2. I am a company, I want to publish a vacancy


To help you find a job, I must ask you some questions to get to know you better. Let’s get started! Remember to enter the number of the option you want to choose:

1. I want to find vacancies that fit my profile.
2. I want to register my profile
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2. Virtual assistants

24/7 service for your candidates via different channels on your job site such Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Automated job matching.
Creation and updating of profiles and resume.
Technical support.

3. Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)

atraccion de talento

4. Seasonal CRM

Access permanently to a catalog of candidates and segment them according to their job profile, to cover the frequent available positions of the company during seasons.

Keep the traceability of the people hired and their respective performance assessment to filter it later in case of future re-entries.

5. Automatic dissemination of job offers
throught 18 channels for digital attraction

Digital recruitment of profiles to feed the CRM of available candidates and make a more precise match between applicants and offers.

Magneto offers you the best
channels of diffusion

Post job offer

Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistant. Generally responds immediately.

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6. Automated candidate assessment

Inclusive web and mobile experience through:

  • Candidate location
  • The geographical location of the company or the vacancy.
  • Caching technology that uses the minimum amount of data, in order to achieve optimal and immediate content loading, regardless of the applicant’s device.

7. Automated georeferencing of candidates

  • View and filter candidates based on their geographic location.
  • Job offers posting through geographic segmentation.
  1. Full name
  2. How did you feel about the experience?

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8. Automated satisfaction survey

Constant measurement of the NPS of candidates and internal clients, to monitor the behavior of the employer brand in the market.

9. Dashboard of processes and employer brand

ANS monitoring on the management of the area. Access to details of the minutegram of the state of processes and analysts.

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10. Resume-reading robots

  • Automated segmentation of resumes for a precise match between job offers and candidates. All through artificial intelligence.
  • Review and assess resumes in less time
  • Capitalization of resumes
  • Increased affinity between offers and candidates.
  • Automatic review of profile information.
  • Automatic registration of resumes that arrive via e-mail.

11. Dissemination of employer brand content

  • Identify and give visibility to the most outstanding attributes of your employer brand.
  • Generate emotions and share experiences, through audiovisual productions based on storytelling to highlight the attributes of your brand.
  • Have an official career site, 100% personalized with your employer brand content.

12. View your job offers in the most important digital environments of the moment

13. Digitization of documents required by hiring

Save all the documentation you need from your candidates in the platform’s repository.

14. Download a comparison file of Headhunter candidates

  • Automation of the creation of executive reports, with the finalist candidates in processes of leadership positions.
  • Create anonymous vacancies for highly confidential processes.

15. Send easily the profiles of the candidates that interested you the most

Share with your internal client through a link or by any means, the profiles of the candidates for their comprehensive assessment.

16. Candidate notifications through omnichannel contact: emails, calls and text messages

Automation and personalization of contact messages for the different vacancies and process stages: tests, video interviews, reminders, mass appointments and medical examinations.

17. Set up and customize automatic responses for your candidates

Send automated emails to let candidates know where they are in the process.

18. Go from traditional resume to digital profile

Evaluate your candidates through video presentation, a format that speeds up and facilitates the evaluation of different profiles.

19. Marketing team specialized in positioning of job offers

  • Digital strategies for positioning the employer brand, job posting sites and career sites, through the most used social networks and messaging groups.

    Activation of campaigns / seasonal campaigns throughout the year, oriented to specific audiences.

    Constant analysis on the performance of the different strategies. Always thinking about optimizing them to achieve better and more candidates.

20. Use keywords to tag candidates

Organize your candidates by tagging them with keywords, which allow you to categorize them and find them again for other or future selection processes.

21. Fit assessment or cultural fit

Evaluate if your candidates fit your organizational culture.

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