• Multidimensional assessment of potential and skills
  • Values and commercial assessments
  • Assessment of technical knowledge
Potential 365 meets
organizational needs

Multidimensional assessment of potential and skills

Comprehensive evaluative and predictive tool, which includes psychometric assessments from different dimensions, allowing the management of human talent in selection and development.

The complete application of the test battery
allows the assessment of 29 job skills

What is the comprehensive
battery of tests?

This test allows to identify the leadership style of a person:

  1. Give and support
  2. Take and control
  3. Adapt and negotiate
  4. Keep and preserve

This test allows identifying what motivates or mobilizes a person to act or decide through 10 motivations. These are:

  1. Power
  2. Achievement
  3. Hedonism
  4. Stimulation
  5. Self-direction
  6. Universalism
  7. Benevolence
  8. Acceptance 
  9. Tradition
  10. Security

This test is focused on knowing the styles of behavior:

  1. Domineering
  2. Influential
  3. Stable
  4. Reliable
This test allows evaluating the intellectual capacity of a person for the position for which they are evaluated:

BARSIT - Operational level

  1. General knowledge
  2. Vocabulary comprehension
  3. Verbal reasoning
  4. Logical reasoning
  5. Numerical reasoning

TERMAN - Professional level

  1. Information
  2. Sense
  3. Vocabulary
  4. Synthesis
  5. Concentration
  6. Analysis
  7. Abstraction
  8. Planning
  9. Organization
  10. Attention

This test helps us understand how a person thinks and acts from 8 personality features:

  1. Ancestry
  2. Perseverance
  3. Emotional stability
  4. Social skills
  5. Caution
  6. Originality
  7. Personal relationships
  8. Vigor
Ongoing development

of the tool

Measurement of potential

Key talent identification process, required by the organization in the short, medium and long term. It's based on the measurement of key competences and intellectual and emotional resources.

Talent mappings

This model focuses on developing employee strengths and not just gaps. Generating a positive impact and decreasing organizational resistance.

Custom training programs

General recommendations and suggested support material to work on the improvement opportunities of each competence.

World leaders in second generation job selection systems.

and commercial assessments

ITPC personnel selection assessment. Productive and reliable employee inventory

The ITPC is the Latin American version of the ERI system (Employee Reliability Inventory). It is a personnel selection test aimed at identifying productive and reliable employees.

Test de ventas CCV Coeficiente de competencias del vendedor

Este test psicométrico fue diseñado para identificar a los vendedores más capaces y exitosos, los cuales tendrán el mayor impacto en los resultados de su compañía. 

Complement for companies

What are the ERI/ITPC and CCV assessments?

ITPC/ERI - Scales

Scale A: Responsibility
Scale C: Customer service (courtesy)
Scale E: Emotional maturity
Scale F: Productivity
Scale H: Honesty
Scale Q: Long-term commitment to work
Scale S: Safe performance of occupational accidents

CCV - Competences

Achievement orientation
Ego strength

Strategic allies

Support your human talent processes with the latest technology


Teleworking Profile Assessment
It will provide team leaders and collaborators with knowledge of key factors that will significantly impact labor productivity in this current work scheme.


Customer Sevice DNA
Predictive test that measures the individual probability of having excellent customer service. Validated in Colombia with artificial intelligence methodologies in predicting customer service levels.


Safe Behavioral DNA
It is an indicator that identifies the probability that a candidate or employee performs safely in the workplace, by avoiding risky situations and guiding their behavior to prevent occupational accidents or avoid their occurrence.

We believe in the importance of ensuring the company the people with the essential technical knowledge in each business.

of technical knowledge

Technological solution that allows the standardized and automated measurement of specific technical knowledge of each area.


Technical knowledge in applicants and collaborators.


Training processes, induction, among other training programs and assessment of their impact.


Evaluative instance in processes that need technical knowledge.


The acquisition of specific knowledge in the implementation of standards and procedures.


Types of reports.
Adaptable to needs

Integral report

Includes a bar chart and a table with the information of the score obtained vs the minimum expected.

Individual report

Generates the general result obtained of each test applied to a person.

Natural score

Show the details of the test score:
Number of hits.
Number of errors.
Unanswered questions.
Natural score obtained.

Individual history

Allows you to view up to 5 of the last evaluations that the candidate have submitted.

Group history

It allows a general view of the results of all the candidates evaluated.


Types of assessments

  • Generic tests: Valid and reliable in its preloaded tools.
    Custom tests: Allows you to design tests according to the size and needs of the positions to be evaluated.

Assesses knowledge of Excel as a work tool at an intermediate level.


Tests understanding of number relationships.


Assesses your English language proficiency. Grammar, Reading Comprehension and Listening.


Level of knowledge in spelling and writing


Assesses knowledge of financial, cost, management, and tax accounting.

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